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May 2014 Archives

OSHA cites hummus processing plant after fatal workplace accident

Hundreds and even thousands of workers in North Carolina and across the country are involved in workplace accidents each year. These accidents can often have catastrophic consequences, whether a worker is seriously injured or killed.

The Importance of Insurance Company Medical Records in Social Security Disability Claims

Claimants who are receiving long-term disability from an insurance company either from an individual policy or through an employer are required to obtain assessments from treating physicians indicating the severity of their impairments and affect upon the ability to work. In many such cases, these forms can be used with good effect in a Social Security disability claim. Because most employer funded long-term disability plans provide for reduction in benefits if an individual receives Social Security disability benefits, the insurance company is usually eager to provide this information upon presentation of a valid release. 

Report: North Carolina children exposed to unsafe farm work

Employment on a farm can entail long hours, hard work, risk of injury from work accidents, and exposure to pesticides and other potentially toxic substances. These occupational conditions and hazards are well known, but what may come as a surprise is that many of the workers who are subjected to these sometimes unsafe work conditions -- including on farms in North Carolina -- are children.

The Importance of Vocational Rehabilitation Records in Social Security Disability Claims

State vocational rehabilitation agencies often evaluate individuals for job capability and, in many occasions, will order medical tests and reviews that can be very helpful in a Social Security disability case. If you have been evaluated by a state vocational rehabilitation agency, please make sure you let your attorney know so that this information can be obtained and reviewed to determine if it will be helpful in your Social Security disability case.

The Importance of Employer Records in Social Security Disability Claims

Most people do not stop work immediately but start to have problems with absenteeism on the job as their condition worsens. It can be helpful to obtain proof of this from an employer to document the practical impact that your condition or conditions had on your ability to maintain regular attendance and performance of a job. Usually, it is easier for you to obtain this information from your employer than for an attorney to do so.

NFL team owner backs bill limiting workers' compensation benefits

The National Football League 2014 Draft has recently concluded leaving teams and players alike excited about the upcoming season on the field. However, it is one team's moves off the field that are causing a stir within the league and state legislature.

Many workplace accidents prevalent and preventable

According to a new report released by the National Council on Occupational Safety and Health, workplace injuries are far too common in North Carolina and around the country. More than 50,000 employees die each year as a result of injuries sustained on the job. This is quite upsetting, considering the fact that people who are killed on the job are just trying to earn a living.

The Importance of Emergency Room Medical Reports in Social Security Disability Claims

Emergency room medical reports are particularly valuable for claimants who suffer from conditions such as epilepsy, asthma, or anxiety. Seeking treatment on multiple occasions over a long period of time help document these kinds of difficulties and usually need to be supplemented by ongoing outpatient treatment. Please make sure your attorney knows about your emergency room treatment and the reason for each visit. 

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