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Defining disability for Social Security benefits purposes

When a Charlotte resident suffers an injury, they may need a few days to recover from their pain and to rest before they resume their normal activities. If they incur their injury while doing their job, then they may be entitled to pursue workers' compensation to help them through their time off from work. However, if their injury or ailment is so severe that they cannot return to work, they may have options for seeking disability benefits from the Social Security Administration.

What are Social Security Disability GRID rules?

The Social Security Administration has composed what is known as the "blue book." In it, a person can find listings of all qualified medical conditions and corresponding criteria that must be met in order to be approved for Social Security Disability. However, many claimants do not present with circumstances that qualify for approval based on medical conditions alone. This does not mean that a claim cannot be approved, but rather that it must be put through a medical-vocational qualification process known as GRID rules.

How to financially survive the Social Security Disability wait

It is a well-known fact that waiting on a Social Security Disability hearing can be financially taxing, to put it mildly. Some claimants, depending on the length of the backlog in their filing state, can wait in excess of two years for a hearing date. However, there are resources available for those in limbo.

What happens if my SSD benefits are denied after my hearing?

Receiving an unfavorable decision on a Social Security disability benefits claim after enduring the extremely long wait to have a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge can be devastating. However, there is one final option.

Why do I need a Social Security Disability attorney?

When a Social Security Disability claimant receives a decision denying benefits, he or she is eligible to request a hearing before an administrative law judge. It is here that a claimant will present their case and offer any additional evidence to substantiate a claim. While an attorney is not required to complete this process, it is highly advisable that a claimant not go into a disability hearing alone for several reasons.

Why does my work history matter for Social Security Disability?

The process of applying for Social Security Disability benefits can be a very long, very arduous one for many people. Upon receiving a denial of an initial claim, then slogging through the process of filing a reconsideration, a large majority of applicants still find themselves denied. Then it is on to the next, and longest, step, which is the appeals process. Applicants can find themselves in this stage waiting up to two years, or even more at times, just to receive a hearing date. Here, they will finally have the opportunity to personally present their case to an Administrative Law Judge.

The basics of the Social Security disability process

Social Security disability (SSD) benefits are vital for many disabled individuals and their families. Many applications for disability benefits are initially denied so it is important for disabled individuals to be aware of appeals options to receive benefits.

The basics of qualifying for Social Security disability

Understanding the eligibility process for Social Security disability (SSD) benefits is important for many disabled individuals in North Carolina. SSD benefits are a vital resource for many disabled individuals and their families that can help with the daily financial needs of the disability sufferer. There are some important requirements to qualify for SSD benefits, so it is helpful to understand what those are.

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