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Construction firms highlight list of America's safest companies

The safest companies in the U.S. come in all sizes and shapes. From an analytic laboratory to petroleum waste management and from electrical engineering to office furniture manufacturing and beyond, the companies on the annual EHS Today list share a commitment to worker safety.

Bad vibrations: preventing hand-arm vibration syndrome

It has been 100 years since it first occurred to doctors to look closely at the reports from certain workers of numbness in their arms and fingers, as well as discoloration. Back in 1918, an occupational physician studied stone cutters who complained of the symptoms.

Life without paid sick leave has added stress

As you probably know, North Carolina law does not require employers to grant to their employees paid sick leave. A recent study published in the American Journal of Orthopsychiatry shows that workers who do not get receive paid sick leave experience significant stress worrying that if they get sick, they could lose their jobs.

Your work schedule might be a killer

When you are wheeled into the emergency room of a Charlotte hospital, one of the very last things on your mind are the long hours the ER physician might have endured over the past week. But in many hospitals, ER doctors and nurses work long hours on rotating shifts that leave them exhausted, sleep-deprived and more likely to make mistakes that could affect you.

Charlotte construction work is rough on the body

Charlotte construction workers know better than anyone how rough work can be on the body. Some experts say construction workers might not realize how those aches, pains and injuries can add up and make them more vulnerable to opioid addiction, however.

Workplace injury dangers greater for older workers

Baby boomers keep breaking the rules. They are more likely to live longer and choose to work longer than previous generations. Unfortunately, there is a downside to continuing their careers, the Associated Press reports.

Shining a light on a media darling with workplace safety issues

It is safe to say that Elon Musk is a media darling. The billionaire founder of electric car manufacturer Tesla is riding a wave of public and media adoration on the heels of the unveiling of the Model 3 Tesla. The recent offering is widely touted as the first affordable -- and attractive and cool -- electric car.

North Carolina workers lauded for millions of safe work hours

It's less than an hour's drive west from Charlotte to the place where America's underwear is boxed, bagged, stamped and shipped. The HanesBrands Canterbury Distribution Center ships not only Hanes products, but also Playtex and Just My Size items as well to retailers around the nation.

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