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Brain Injuries
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A Brain Injury Will Affect All Areas Of Your Life

A brain injury can have devastating and long-lasting effects. Unfortunately, some people who have suffered brain injuries while on the job or in motor vehicle accidents do not get all of the medical care and rehabilitation services they need. For example, they may not get a thorough neurological examination that definitively identifies the nature and extent of the injury. Others may be receiving pain medications that mask the effects of the brain injury.

If a loved one has suffered a brain injury, he or she deserves quality medical care. You may need the services of an attorney to obtain that care as well as compensation for other economic and noneconomic losses.

Obtaining Medical Care And Compensation

Ayers, Whitlow & Dressler is a team of attorneys with a great deal of experience in cases involving concussions and traumatic brain injuries. We understand how to interact with brain injury specialists to make sure that our clients receive the best possible treatment, including neuropsychological treatment that is often denied by insurance companies. Our firm has the medical resources and advocacy skills needed to obtain results in these cases, and we are committed to obtaining medical care and full compensation for every client.

Fortunately for brain injury victims, North Carolina has some of the leading rehabilitation hospitals in the country. We have represented clients who were treated by brain injury specialists at leading rehabilitation hospitals in our state. Our goal will be to make sure that you receive the best possible treatment and compensation for all other losses.

Experienced Advocates For Brain Injury Victims

From a legal point of view, there are significant differences in the procedures used to obtain results in a personal injury, workers’ compensation or Social Security Disability case. Each of our three attorneys focuses his energies on these respective areas. This is important because some brain injury cases can involve a workers’ compensation claim, a third-party personal injury claim and eventually, a Social Security Disability claim.

Whatever the nature of your case, Ayers, Whitlow & Dressler has the resources and advocacy skills you need.

Free Consultation With A Charlotte Lawyer

Contact Ayers, Whitlow & Dressler to learn more about our services and how we can help you obtain the medical care and compensation you deserve.

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