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Can I Work While On Disability?

Social Security’s Ticket To Work Program

If you are collecting Social Security Disability Insurance benefits but want to return to work to either supplement your income or for other reasons, Social Security offers a special program called the Ticket to Work Program. This program offers several benefits that can help you build work skills, find a job and try that job out for a period of time.

Q. How Does The Ticket To Work Program Work?

A. The program allows you to work for a number of trial months set by Social Security. The trial months do not need to be consecutive, but they do have to be within a certain amount of time. A trial month is any month that you earn more than the specified amount Social Security has established for that year. For example, if the set amount is $600, then any month you earn over this amount will count as part of the trial period. If you are self-employed, certain expenses can be deducted from your monthly income.

Q. Will I Still Receive Benefits?

A. You will still receive your full SSDI benefits as long as you report your work and continue to be disabled. There is no income limit during the trial period that will affect your eligibility.

Q. What Happens When The Trial Period Ends?

A: After the trial work period ends, you can work for an additional number of months while still receiving benefits, as long as your earnings are not considered substantial. Again, Social Security sets forth a specific threshold amount, which changes each year. If, at any point your SSDI benefits stop because of substantial earnings, you have a certain amount of time to apply for reinstatement of your benefits if your disability prevents you from continuing to work.

Cutting Through The Red Tape

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