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Considering disability? Watch what you post on social media

If the President and the Social Security Administration have their way, the Administration will start to review the social media posts of applicants and recipients of disability benefits on a broader basis. The two parties are purportedly working on a proposal that would make such monitoring more common than it is currently.

Currently, the Administration's practice is to examine social media accounts only rarely, and usually when there is already some reason to suspect that someone is abusing the Social Security system.

Driver blames fatal accident on his sun visors

Sun visors are pretty standard equipment in vehicles these days. Most people probably see them as a safety feature on cars, as the visors can keep sun out of a driver's eyes so that she can see the road ahead of her.

It is interesting then that a driver who was involved in a deadly car accident in the Charlotte area is blaming his sun visors for causing the rear-end collision. The driver has been charged with a misdemeanor offense since the accident caused a death.

Common causes of back injuries

One of the most vulnerable parts of a person's body is their back. The back is the home of the spinal cord, arguably the most important network of nerves in the body. It also has a large number of muscles, ligaments and bones, all of which can cause a great deal of pain if injured.

There are a number of things that can cause a Charlotte resident to suffer significant back pain. In many cases, just one contorted movement of the body can strain one's muscles and ligaments enough to cause serious discomfort and other complications. In other cases, repeated motion can have the same effect.

Can I work while receiving Social Security Disability?

As this blog has discussed on previous occasions, the point of Social Security disability is to provide income to Charlotte, North Carolina, residents, along with workers in the rest of the country, when they are disabled and not able to earn an income.

The good news is that this does not mean there is an absolute prohibition on people who receive Social Security Disability from working while still drawing benefits. In fact, the Social Security Administration wants people to try to return to work, even on a limited basis. As a result, there are several incentives for doing so.

A workers’ compensation denial could put you in a bind

An on-the-job injury could cause you to seek immediate medical attention. Depending on the severity, you may find that you're unable to immediately return to work.

If you suffer an injury at work, you should take the following actions:

  • Administer first aid
  • Call 911 if you require transportation to a hospital
  • Report the accident to your employer

One killed, 3 injured in head-on collision

A tragic head on car accident in Concord, North Carolina, a growing suburb north and east of Charlotte, left a mother dead and a pastor and his wife seriously injured. The mother's son, 10, also got hurt in the accident but is expected to recover.

Police who were investigating the accident, which happened on a state highway in the area, said that the mother's vehicle crossed the median in the road and in to oncoming traffic. The vehicle then struck the car that the pastor was driving head on. The woman who crossed the center median died at the scene of the accident.

Nationwide traffic deaths drop slightly in 2018

According to the estimate of the National Safety Council, an organization which advocates for public safety, the number of traffic deaths on the nation's roads dropped ever so slightly when comparing 2018 to the previous year, 2017.

Specifically, the past year saw a drop of just over 230 fatalities due to car accidents and other traffic accidents. In terms of a percentages, this was a modest drop of about 1 percent from 2017's figures.

You deserve compensation after a car crash injures your brain

Motor vehicles are important tools for daily life in modern society. Most cities don't have adequate infrastructure to allow for reliable transportation without a personal vehicle. Unfortunately, the convenience that motor vehicles offers is offset by the risk that they create.

People can wind up in crashes due to mistakes they make, negligence on the part of another driver or even maintenance issues with their vehicles. Collisions can cause a wide range of injuries, with traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) being some of the worst. Anyone who suffers a traumatic brain injury as a result of a car crash may need to seek compensation for those injuries.

Overview of premises liability claims

Charlotte area residents who go shopping, visit an attraction or recreational area or even go to a person's private land have every right to expect that they will be safe when they do so.

Unfortunately, this expectation is not always met, and North Carolina residents can and do get hurt, oftentimes seriously, while they are on the property of a private citizen, a business or a public institution.

Deadly jobs list includes usual suspects, some surprises

A recent list of this country's deadliest lines of work includes some occupations that people in Charlotte, North Carolina, probably have for a long time recognized were dangerous.

However, the list also includes some professions that people might not think of as particularly dangerous jobs, or, even if they do, they just do not come to mind as often.

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