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Advice on how to improve your Social Security Disability odds

The decision to apply for disability benefits is not one made lightly. Many applicants submit their paperwork to the Social Security Administration only after they have repeatedly tried to continue their careers, hold onto jobs and earn needed paychecks despite a disabling medical condition. For them, the application often feels as if they have lost a battle they would have much rather won.

For many applicants, completing the SSDI paperwork is itself a struggle. Their physical or psychological disabilities make an already daunting process appear insurmountable. That is one reason many people submit incomplete applications -- one of the most common reasons for denial of an initial SSDI application, a recent news article points out.

Charlotte news report: Trucker charged in I-40 crash death

Charlotte media recently reported on a horrific, violent crash on Interstate 40 in which a 43-year-old Conover woman died. According to reports, she was driving her Toyota 4Runner west when a tractor-trailer pulled into her lane and forced her vehicle off the road.

As the Toyota went on to the grass, the woman overcorrected and her vehicle flipped, went over the guardrail and spun into the eastbound lanes, where it stopped. The investigating North Carolina State Highway Patrol trooper said the trucker appears to be at fault in the fatal truck accident. He has been charged with misdemeanor death by vehicle and failing to maintain lane.

Suburban Charlotte crash claims lives of mom, 10-year-old girl

If you drive west on Interstate 85 from Charlotte, in less than an hour you'll come to the modest suburb of Kings Mountain. The town of 10,000 is today mourning the loss of two of its residents: a 35-year-old mother and her 10-year-old daughter.

This past Saturday evening, the two were killed in a crash on N.C. 216 when a car failed to yield and slammed into the Honda Pilot the mother was driving. The Honda rolled, ejecting all five of if occupants, law enforcement officials said.

Moving, moving, moving reduces workplace injuries, illnesses

More and more jobs in Charlotte require you to do what you're likely doing right now: sit at a desk and read from a computer. Researchers say our increasingly sedentary lifestyle is causing us health problems that include the frequency of work-related injuries and illnesses.

A recent article in a business insurance publication urges employers to get their workers to move more and to adopt good posture when they sit. Both of these goals can be achieved by implementing some low-cost changes to the workplace, PropertyCasualty360.com states.

NHTSA: Nearly all car crashes are due to human error

As winter weather has pounded North Carolina over the past couple of days, reports of weather-related car crashes have poured in. There is no doubt that some motor vehicle accidents that occur in snowy and icy weather are due to substandard road conditions.

But there is also no doubt that most traffic crashes are not caused by weather or mechanical failure or poor road design. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says "94 percent of serious crashes are due to dangerous choices or errors people make behind the wheel."

Brain injuries and memory: The importance of rest and care

Brain injuries impact the way you feel, move and experience life. You never expected to live with this condition, but now that you do, it's important that you have someone on your side to help you recovery and handle your legal affairs. Your attorney can help you fight for compensation that gives you the support you need for medical treatments, but what should you expect in your future?

Brain injuries vary significantly from person to person, so it's hard to know exactly how anyone will recovery. Brain injuries might cause a loss in memory or lead to physical problems like a loss of balance or strength. It's important to have someone who can help as you recover, since these symptoms could affect your life.

America's worst job?

They only come out at night: the sanitation crews at slaughterhouses. They descend on the factory floors with a "nightly storm of high-­pressure hoses, chemical vapors, blood, grease, and frantic deadlines, all swirling in clouds of steam around pulsing belts, blades, and blenders," Bloomberg reports.

The nightmare setting gets worse for the workers paid low wages to clean up pools of blood and mounds of animal tissue: they suffer severe injuries (amputation, hospitalization or loss of an eye) at an alarming rate. One of the companies described in the article had a severe injury rate of 14 per 10,000 workers. Its amputation rate (9.4 per 10,000 workers) is nearly five times higher than the average for manufacturing workers.

Looking at 2017: Waiting for Social Security Disability approval

More than 27 per day, more than 192 per week and more than 830 per month. That is how many Americans died last year while waiting for Social Security Disability benefits approval, news outlets have reported.

The total for 2017 tops 10,000, according to Social Security records obtained by the Washington Post. More than a million people are today waiting to hear the outcome of their SSDI appeal, with many of them waiting nearly 600 days to find out if they will get the help they need.

By the numbers: Drunk driving and New Year's Eve

The last day of 2017 is almost here. Many people might consider that reason enough to celebrate on New Year's Eve. Whether the celebration is to mark the end of the old year or the start of a new one, many here in Charlotte enjoy New Year's Eve with friends, co-workers, family and sometimes strangers. While it is usually all in good fun, unfortunately, some people don't recognize that they cannot drive safely after consuming alcohol.

In too many cases, those people get behind the wheel of their car on New Year's Eve and cause motor vehicle accidents, injuries and fatalities.

Leaving SSDI applications and appeals to the experts

Financial advisers help people make important decisions about what to do with money. Which stocks to buy or sell, for instance, as well as how to match investments to personal financial goals. One aspect of advice and guidance that financial advisers often fall short on is helping clients navigate the Social Security Disability claims process.

According to a recent article in a financial adviser newsletter, too often these men and women who know a lot about stocks, bonds and tax laws know little about the SSDI application and appeals processes. That means that their clients often miss out on getting financial assistance when a disability prevents them from working.

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