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North Carolina is a dangerous state for bicyclists

Every year, thousands of bicyclists travel on the roads for various reasons. Some want to get some exercise in, while others prefer avoiding the financial and environmental issues with cars. As the populations in major cities continue to increase, so do the number of bicyclists on every street corner, side walk and crosswalks.

Unfortunately, the Department of Transportation has noticed growing issues when it comes to motor vehicle safety around bicyclists. North Carolina is one of the most hazardous states in the country for bicyclists as the Department reports that over 850 cyclists are hit by vehicles every year. There are several recurring issues that lead to these incidents. Bicyclists need to keep these problems in mind should they find themselves in a motor accident.

Workers injured in propane plant explosion

According to a recent report, on Friday, July 6, 2018, an explosion in a North Carolina propane tank plant injured two workers. Though their injuries were considered non-life threatening, both workers were airlifted to a burn center.

Susan Holder, Sampson County spokeswoman, told WSOC TV that an emergency call was received on Friday afternoon stating there had been multiple explosions at the plant. She further stated that firefighters worked for around two hours to contain the fire, focusing on keeping it away from nearby woods as well as other tanks on the premises. Two of those tanks were 30-gallon liquid propane tanks. In addition to those, the plant also housed another 25,000 propane cylinders.

Why does my work history matter for Social Security Disability?

The process of applying for Social Security Disability benefits can be a very long, very arduous one for many people. Upon receiving a denial of an initial claim, then slogging through the process of filing a reconsideration, a large majority of applicants still find themselves denied. Then it is on to the next, and longest, step, which is the appeals process. Applicants can find themselves in this stage waiting up to two years, or even more at times, just to receive a hearing date. Here, they will finally have the opportunity to personally present their case to an Administrative Law Judge.

Employee death costs Ohio excavator $200k in OSHA fines

Construction is a demanding and exhausting industry to work in. The blue-collar men and women who build houses, repair roads and are sometimes literally in the trenches are the ones we have to thank for our nation’s ability to keep humming along.

Jobsites are busy places filled with heavy machinery, power tools and other potentially dangerous elements. For things to run smoothly, safety must be a top priority. Despite this, employees’ wellbeing is sometimes left by the wayside. That was the situation recently in Ohio when JK Excavating & Utilities Inc.’s negligence led to the death of an employee.

What can I do to protect myself following a car accident?

Victims of car accidents need to know how to protect themselves when they have been injured by a negligent driver. You may wonder how you can best protect yourself when you have suffered harm as a result of a car accident that may include medical expenses, lost wages and emotional harm.

Car accident damages can include physical, financial and emotional damages and can pile up as victims may only know the extent of their injuries after a period of time has passed following the accident and may be unable to work while they struggle to recover. Documenting what happened to them, and the harm they have suffered, can be crucial and will help with a personal injury claim for damages if they decide that is the best option for them at some point down the road.

Charlotte construction accident claims life of worker

It is important for workers to understand that they can expect to go to a safe workplace each day. A recent construction accident in Charlotte claimed the life of a 24-year old construction worker and many are asking for answers and demanding increased worker safety. The victim was killed in the construction accident when he fell 19 floors from a construction elevator. He came to rest on a small platform near the base of the elevator and was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics. The victim had a 3-year old daughter.

The North Carolina Department of Labor stated that it does not comment on an ongoing investigation and the local police declined to comment further concerning the fatal construction accident. The investigation into the construction accident may take months. One worker who had ridden the elevator 14 floors with the victim before getting off reported that the elevator began to shake as it continued upward and then the victim was thrown off. The tower that is currently under construction where the victim fell is expected to be 33 floors and workers have already completed 25 floors. It is currently the tallest building under construction in the area and will be the fourth tallest in the area when it is complete.

Interested in riding a motorcycle? Read this first.

Riding a motorcycle is a much-loved activity across the country, but it can be intimidating for new or inexperienced riders. If you're interested in riding a motorcycle, you probably have a million different questions - mainly regarding the dangers of it.

Steps to take when injured in a car accident

When a victim has been injured in an unexpected car accident, they face an uncertain future that may include unexpected medical bills, lost wages and emotional challenges. Fortunately, personal injury legal protections are available to help but it is important for car accident victims to know the steps to take to preserve a claim for damages.

Following the car accident, car accident victims should collect as much evidence as possible which includes photographs and other information. In addition, victims should collect witness information that includes what witnesses saw and how they can be contacted later should their statements be needed. Police should also be called to the accident so that they can create a police report should one be needed at a later date.

Municipal worker not given workers’ comp after smoking e-cig

Workers’ compensation is a safety net that covers tens of millions of employees and pays out trillions of dollars to those injured on the job. If you've been hurt while working, odds are you appreciated the security of having workers’ comp help cover medical bills and other expenses.

It’s true that only people injured as a direct result of doing their job may receive benefits, but there are rare cases in which even people hurt while on the job are denied compensation, as well. This was the situation in Winston-Salem a few years ago when a utility crew supervisor suffered a back injury during his lunch break.

Social media could hurt workers compensation claims

Social media is unavoidable today between Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Every platform offers a new way to share your experiences and inform others about what is happening in the world. Unfortunately, many people overshare online – which leads to trouble.

Depending on what you are posting, your social media has a huge impact on workers compensation claims. Eventually, it could damage any chance for monetary compensation for workplace injuries or illnesses.

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