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My Husband Died on the Job: Can Workers’ Compensation Help Me?

When most people go to work, they assume that they will remain safe during the workday. Although there are certainly dangerous occupations, most jobs have safety protocols and requirements. These help employees maintain their health, happiness, and ability to return to their families every night. Unfortunately, these systems are not…

Truck driver killed in North Carolina construction zone accident

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Police in North Carolina believe that a truck driver may have been fatigued or distracted when his semi-tractor trailer struck at least two construction vehicles in north Charlotte during the early morning hours of Sept. 28. The truck driver lost his life in the accident, and a construction worker was…

Why do so many businesses get away with unsafe conditions?

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While the number of workplace injuries in North Carolina and across the country is steadily decreasing, thousands of workers still die from preventable accidents. Studies have shown that certain groups like Latino workers are particularly at risk. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration is responsible for helping businesses maintain a…

Tips for keeping a safe workplace

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Employees in North Carolina should know that to have a successful safety program, they need to work together and strive to live up to the standards already in place. Below are eight tips that safety-minded employees should keep in mind. Awareness of surroundings and procedures While heavy construction machinery presents…

Most common machine shop injuries in North Carolina

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Studies have shown that over 800 workers die in machine shop accidents every year. In addition to the fatalities, over 18,000 workers are injured each year with some injuries resulting in amputation. Unsafe working conditions and employees ignoring safety protocols can increase the likelihood of accidents. What are the most…

After a truck accident, it is common to feel overwhelmed

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After surviving a truck accident, you might find it difficult to know how to start your recovery. Accidents that involve large commercial trucks often leave victims with serious injuries and no vehicle. The medical bills will start piling up soon, and you may not be able to work to bring…

Hearing loss linked to higher risk of accidental injuries

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It makes perfect sense that people who have trouble seeing well are more likely to experience accidental injuries than individuals with good eyesight. The results of a recent study show there is a similar connection to the likelihood of accidental injuries for people who have trouble hearing. From 2007 to…

Helping construction workers avoid on-the-job injuries

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No one understands the dangers of Charlotte construction work than the men and women who are out there wearing hardhats every day. They understand that one false move can result in serious injuries to themselves, co-workers or members of the public. They know, too, that they are at high risk…

Top three most common workplace injuries

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When you walk or drive around Charlotte, you see a wide and varied business community ranging from convenience stores to high-end restaurants, from manufacturing facilities to grocers, shoe stores, offices and many more. Each business is staffed, and each of those employees is, to one degree or another, at risk…

North Carolina construction injuries expected to grow

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Experts say that they expect North Carolina’s economy will to continue to grow over the next year. When the state’s economy is healthy, the state’s construction industry is usually healthy as well. Unfortunately, a healthy construction industry often translates into an increase in on-the-job construction worker injuries. A recent industry publication article contained…