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What Is the Leading Cause of Accidents in Industry?

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Industrial work environments are inherently some of the most dangerous workplaces in the country. Therefore, if you or a family member works in any industrial setting, it is crucial to acknowledge the risks you face each day at work. Additionally, you must also know how to navigate the workers’ compensation…

What Are the Most Common Industrial Accidents?

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Working in any industrial environment carries an inherent degree of risk. Most people who work in factories, refineries, assembly facilities, and other industrial workplaces are required to use protective equipment, wear specific types of protective clothing, and adhere to workplace safety regulations at all times. Unfortunately, workplace injuries can and…

My Husband Died on the Job: Can Workers’ Compensation Help Me?

When most people go to work, they assume that they will remain safe during the workday. Although there are certainly dangerous occupations, most jobs have safety protocols and requirements. These help employees maintain their health, happiness, and ability to return to their families every night. Unfortunately, these systems are not…

Government to pay billions to Camp Lejeune vets for contaminated water

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The Obama administration continues to cross things off its last-minute to-do list. One of the latest examples is that it agreed to pay $2.2 billion over 5 years to Marine veterans stationed at Camp Lejeune here in North Carolina. The reason is that they were exposed to dangerous amounts of…

Injured industrial workers deserve compensation

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Industrial accidents are a serious risk for construction workers who face potential injury on the job practically every day. An injured worker could suffer problems in the aftermath that lead to serious medical expenses and significant rehabilitation treatment, not to mention pain and suffering. A traumatic brain, neck or back…

Industrial accident causes death of North Carolina worker

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Less than two weeks ago, a young man from North Carolina was killed in a tragic workplace accident. Although the incident took place in a neighboring state, it clearly highlights how important it is that companies adhere to federal safety standards. The industrial accident happened on Sept. 26. According to…