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Can you spot reckless drivers?

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It is easy to take your safety for granted while driving. After months or years of not being in an accident, it is natural to begin overlooking signs of possible danger on the road. This kind of oversight can become dangerous and costly in the long run. A car accident…

Even lightly used bike helmets could stand replacement

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Biking often comes with a lot of financial and health benefits. Enjoying the fresh air and not having to deal with the expense of owning a car can feel like a load off of your back. But unfortunately, as you are probably well aware, the physical build of a bicycle…

Mistakes that may prevent you from getting workers’ comp benefits

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An injury at work has limited your mobility, thus your ability to perform job-related duties. Your situation represents a prime example of when a person should pursue workers’ compensation benefits. How will you be able to provide for your family and pay your bills? Well, workers’ compensation, temporarily, will help…

When filing a workers’ compensation claim leads to retaliation

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If you sustained injuries on the job, you might have hesitated to file a workers’ compensation claim afterward. Some employers retaliate against employees who do, and yours may be among these. Yet, your employer cannot legally take negative action against you because you filed a claim. Most employees in North…

Tips for using your will to give to charity

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It’s hard to imagine giving up all of our assets during our lifetime. But it’s important to consider how they’ll be used once you’re gone. While it might be important to make your family is provided for after your passing, you may have room to give to others who are…