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My Husband Died on the Job: Can Workers’ Compensation Help Me?

When most people go to work, they assume that they will remain safe during the workday. Although there are certainly dangerous occupations, most jobs have safety protocols and requirements. These help employees maintain their health, happiness, and ability to return to their families every night. Unfortunately, these systems are not…

The dangers of the construction industry’s “fatal four”

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A construction site can be a hazardous place to work, and it is easy to see why so many injuries occur in the construction industry. Power tools can malfunction. The weight of construction materials can cause strain in workers’ day-to-day activities and cause serious injury if dropped. Heavy equipment can…

Working on raised scaffolding is more dangerous than it may seem

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When you show up on a construction site for the day, you’ll immediately turn your attention to the task at hand. Depending on the job, you may find that you’ll spend a good portion of time working on raised scaffolding. Even if you have many years of experience working at…

Beware of the Fatal Four in Construction

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People who work in the construction industry face risks that can lead to death. There are four specific hazards that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration have dubbed the Fatal Four. Many deaths could be prevented if companies took steps to minimize these dangers. The Fatal Four includes falls, struck-by incidents, caught…

Why do ladder falls happen to construction workers?

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For construction workers in particular, ladder falls pose a serious daily threat. Ladders see extensive use in potentially chaotic settings, and falls can prove incredibly dangerous, even from the shortest ladders. It’s not just a fall off of a 30-foot ladder that workers have to worry about. Falling from a…

Employee death costs Ohio excavator $200k in OSHA fines

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Construction is a demanding and exhausting industry to work in. The blue-collar men and women who build houses, repair roads and are sometimes literally in the trenches are the ones we have to thank for our nation’s ability to keep humming along. Jobsites are busy places filled with heavy machinery,…

Silica: A potentially fatal material in the workplace

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You have been working in construction for years, and you’ve always been exposed to sands and concrete. Lately, you’ve felt like you can’t catch your breath. What could be the issue? One potential cause is a respiratory illness from inhaling silica. Silica is not typically hazardous unless it’s inhaled. It comes…

Fallen workers recognized in North Carolina state capitol

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When someone you love dies on the job, there’s little you can do but collect your benefits from workers’ compensation or file a wrongful death claim. You may wonder what is being done to change things in the workplace to prevent accidents like those that took your family member’s life.…

OSHA investigating death of two North Carolina men

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The deaths of two men who were killed last month while performing construction work and drainage maintenance in the Wilmington, North Carolina area are being investigated. The accident happened when the backhoe that they were operating struck an active power line. The 55-year-old and 49-year-old men were unloading concrete vaults…

North Carolina companies fined after fatal accident

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Earlier this year, three workers were killed and one was seriously injured when scaffolding fell during the construction of a high-rise building in downtown Raleigh. The North Carolina Department of Labor recently fined three of the companies that were involved in that construction project. The highest fine went to a…