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Will carpal tunnel force you to change your line of work?

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People in numerous lines of work could develop repetitive stress injuries. Doing the same tasks five days a week for multiple years can damage your musculature and connective tissue. Workers who develop such injuries may eventually need to claim workers’ compensation benefits. Carpal tunnel syndrome is among the most common repetitive…

What to do if your old job isn’t an option after a workplace accident

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Many injuries that workers suffer on the job only leave them with temporary impairments that resolve in a matter of days or a few short weeks. Workers, in these instances, may be able to alert their employers about the injuries and modify their daily tasks yet still go to work.…

How long do you have to make a workers’ compensation claim?

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After you are hurt on the job, you should know that you do have an opportunity to make a workers’ compensation. If you are employed and your employer is required to have this insurance (which most are), then you should be able to file a claim asking for compensation. This…

Workers’ compensation and disability benefits for heart disease

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Did you know that there are occupational factors for heart disease? Heart disease is also listed as a possible impairment in the Social Security Administration’s Blue Book. If a person develops an illness or disease that impacts the way their heart functions, then that disorder may make it possible for them…

Does North Carolina workers’ compensation cover PTSD?

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People experience trauma in the workplace in many different ways. First responders like police officers or firefighters could become traumatized after seeing the horrific injuries other people experience in a crash or witnessing the death of another person. Those who work in retail settings could develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)…

Can workers still request workers’ comp if it was their fault?

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In many injury cases, such as car accidents, fault is very important. The at-fault driver is typically responsible for the injuries and cannot try to seek compensation for their own injuries. They caused the crash, so they cover the costs. People sometimes take this mentality to other areas of the…

Yes, your office job could lead to carpal tunnel

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If you find yourself working at your desk every day, you might notice that your hands don’t work quite like they used to. Your wrist may ache, or you could have sensations of pins and needles. These are some classic signs of carpal tunnel, which may be caused by the…

How fast should you report a workplace injury?

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You’re a 40-year-old worker who has never really been injured before. You pride yourself on “toughing it out” and working through mild discomfort. You have a physical job, after all, and this is just part of it. But then you actually get hurt on the job. It’s more than discomfort,…

The many hazards faced by airline workers

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During the last three decades, Charlotte has transformed into a global business hub. Varying industries from banking, energy, hospitality and airline have benefited. Pre-COVID-19, numerous business travelers congregated at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport, arriving in the city to discuss business deals. Tourists came, too. But the pandemic has slowed…

Here’s what it means to have complex regional pain syndrome

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Anyone can get hurt at work. From the office worker who injures their back while lifting a heavy object to a construction worker who suffers from repetitive-strain injuries from using heavy machinery that vibrates, there are dozens of reasons that people may get hurt at work. These individuals deserve an…