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Self-care helps nurses avoid workplace injuries

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Nurses in North Carolina care for other people all day long. To stay healthy and strong, it’s important that nurses care for themselves too. Practicing good self-care is also an important way that nurses can avoid common workplace injuries. Getting enough sleep Nurses often work long shifts under stressful conditions.…

How to tell if you have bursitis or arthritis

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For weeks, your knee has been in pain. You hoped it would go away on its own, but it has not. The pain and stiffness are starting to affect your ability to do your job. You think you might have either bursitis or arthritis in the knee. But to the…

What are some of the most common warehouse accidents?

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Warehouses in North Carolina can be rife with safety hazards. Falling objects, lifting heavy boxes, trip hazards and improper use of equipment can all lead to accidents and fatalities. When an employee has to take time off, the warehouse’s productivity decreases and their profits start to drop. As a result,…

Hazards that lead to work-related rooftop falls

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Falls from rooftops are a leading cause of construction worker fatalities in North Carolina and around the country. Construction site owners and supervisors will want to look over the following list because it gives the most common factors in rooftop falls. Wrong use of roof safety gear No doubt most…

What should you know about mesothelioma?

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Mesothelioma is an aggressive, malignant cancer that attacks the mesothelium, i.e., lining, of your lungs. The build-up of the microscopic asbestos fibers you and many other workers inhale on a daily basis causes it. FindLaw explains that you face the greatest risk of asbestos inhalation if you work as one of the…

Is your carpal tunnel syndrome due to your job?

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Do your wrists, hands or arms often hurt? How about your neck? If you have noticed recent recurrent pain anywhere like this, you could have the beginnings of carpal tunnel syndrome. And your job could be causing it. explains that CTS occurs when you perform repetitive motions with your hands, such…

Does Workers Compensation Insurance cover Coronavirus exposures?

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The North Carolina Workers Compensation Act is primarily geared towards compensating injuries by accident suffered at the work place, or a certain few listed occupational diseases like Asbestosis. For conditions which are not listed in the statute, North Carolina first asks whether the occupational disease is caused by conditions which…

How should you notify your employer of a safety concern?

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Anytime you are preparing to bring up a concern to your employer, you may be feeling uneasy about how to approach your concern without sounding whiny. When the topic you wish to discuss is in relation to your safety in the workplace, understanding how to phrase your concern in a…

Why do construction workers suffer so many back injuries?

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If you work construction, no one need tell you that your back takes a beating virtually every day. Your job requires you to lift, carry and move heavy tools and equipment almost constantly. This, in turn, puts constant stress and strain on your back that can lead to chronic painful…

Do you suspect carpal tunnel syndrome?

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If you suspect carpal tunnel syndrome, it’s important that you quickly receive a medical diagnosis. While you may be able to reduce your pain temporarily through rest, this common ailment isn’t going to heal itself. There are many symptoms associated with carpal tunnel syndrome, including: Tingling and burning in your thumb and…