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Compensation for falling accidents

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Construction workers in North Carolina face many dangers, including the risk of falling from a high place. Workers’ compensation is in place to protect you in these cases, and to ensure that you are financially covered while you recover. Due to the complexity of the laws involves, sometimes legal representation…

Proper ladder safety practices

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Portable ladders are perhaps one of the most common tools found on North Carolina construction sites. Yet, ladder falls remain a common source of injuries throughout the country. OSHA has set out specific rules regarding ladder use to make sure you are staying safe. First, make sure you are using the…

Scaffolding Safety Tips

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Whether you have worked on it or simply seen it, it seems pretty obvious that working on scaffolding can be a very dangerous job. Falling from these structures, even when you are not too far up, can result in some fairly serious injuries, even death. As such, there are specific…

Rules loopholes, language barriers contribute to work accidents

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Not long ago we posted about a scaffolding accident in Raleigh that resulted in three construction workers being killed when the platform that they were on collapsed. As the investigation continues into what caused the accident, the information it uncovers reveals that while construction sites in North Carolina are safer…

Fatal Raleigh accident a reminder of risks of construction work

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One of the dangers to workers at a construction site is the risk being struck by falling objects. Sometimes, the risk is that what falls may be the workers themselves. That is what happened when scaffolding collapsed during the construction of a commercial building in Raleigh, North Carolina, resulting in…

Ways that construction accidents can happen

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The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics keeps track of fatal occupational accidents for many fields of work, including the construction industry. For North Carolina, examination of the BLS data reveals that there is no one prevailing source of fatal incidents. The BLS breaks down sources of fatal accidents into six categories. Two…

Forklift accidents declining, but still injure and kill workers

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The next time you drive your car, think about how often you see semi-trucks towing containers, box trucks or other commercial delivery vehicles sharing the road with you. Chances are you see them so often that you do not think about how prevalent they are in delivering the materials and…

Footbridge construction accident kills one, injures 4

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One construction worker was killed and four others seriously injured when a pedestrian bridge being built at Wake Technical Community College in Raleigh, North Carolina, collapsed during concrete pouring work. The affected employees were all working for a concrete subcontractor. The incident took place when the center section of the…

North Carolina looks to end employer workers’ compensation fraud

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You’ve been hurt on the job. You can’t go to work but the bills keep coming. You’ve heard that your employer owes you workers’ compensation benefits, but they refuse to pay and even refuse your attempts to communicate with them. Or they may even tell you that you are not…

The stress of a construction accident

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North Carolina is a budding state with new businesses taking root all the time. It is a state that faces the challenges and demands of a growing population, and that increased growth is accompanied by a tremendous amount of construction. Homes and roads need to be built, along with commercial…