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Construction accident causes death of worker; OSHA investigating

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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration are investigating a fatal accident that took place in a new housing construction site in Waxhaw, North Carolina. The accident occurred when a flatbed truck was backing up. Apparently, a contract worker was on the flatbed portion of the truck and somehow fell off…

Construction worker injured in fall from tractor

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Many activities involved in construction require licensing by employees and employers. North Carolina laws have been put in place for construction companies to ensure that they have trained employees who are capable of handling complex machinery and able to operate construction vehicles. Construction vehicles in particular have the potential for…

Construction worker falls to his death during old boiler removal

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Construction accidents can take many forms, and are not always connected with the erection of new structures. Sometimes they can occur when workers are in the process of removing an existing structure or large piece of equipment. This was the situation that gave rise to a recent fatal work accident…

North Carolina worker killed in construction accident

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Building construction work may be considered inherently dangerous. Workers are by the nature of their jobs exposed to large-scale mechanical equipment and vehicles, heavy and sometimes potentially hazardous materials, and must sometimes work high off the ground. Even though most construction companies are diligent in looking out for worker safety,…

Injured construction worker may seek compensation

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Still recovering from his workplace injuries, a 49-year-old construction worker has hired an attorney to file a notice of claim for him. The construction accident happened when a retaining wall gave way, pinning the man against a truck and concrete. The injured worker was rescued from the debris by other construction workers.…

Collapsed scaffolding leaves questions of safety at jobsite

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Questions concerning the safety of a company’s work practices arose recently when six construction workers were buried under the falling debris of collapsed scaffolding at a jobsite in the Midwest. Investigators at the scene conclude the winds most likely played a factor, but their concern focused on two central issues.  The…

Construction accident results in North Carolina worker’s death

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While dealing with heavy machinery and specialized tools, construction work can sometimes carry significant risks to workers. If proper safety conditions are not met or are ignored completely, accidents resulting in serious injury may occur to even the most seasoned construction workers. Recently, a falling pipe at a North Carolina work site…

Construction accident leads to man’s death

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A tragic construction accident in North Carolina resulted in the death of a young worker. The young man fell to his death from scaffolding at a local building project, and he died at the scene of the construction accident. There is no indication of the nature of his fatal injuries. While the…

Construction accident claims life of 2 men; 1 family sues

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Two construction workers were involved in a fatal construction accident recently. The family of one of the late workers has filed a wrongful death claim against the company the men were employed by. In addition to the family wanting the company to be held responsible by filing for wrongful death, they have…

Dam worker dies two days after construction accident

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We have recently discussed the different types of jobs in North Carolina that may pose risk to employees. It is often assumed that many of these seemingly risky jobs are dangerous and there’s no way to get around the risk. Contrary to what one may think, many of these presumed…