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Construction accident sparks investigation from OSHA, heavy fines

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There are specific guidelines set in place by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to prevent North Carolina workers from being involved in a construction accident. When protocols are not followed, hefty fines can be a result. A company in another state had been under an investigation from OSHA, resulting in…

Another construction accident leads to fatality

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We have recently discussed the dangers that construction workers in North Carolina and elsewhere face while on-the-job. Understandably, any fatality in the workplace raises concerns, and typically results in an investigation by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). This is the case in a construction accident in which a worker recently…

North Carolina construction accident and OSHA safety precautions

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Among the worst news any North Carolina family can receive is when a financially contributing member of a family dies. In addition to the grief that follows a loved one’s passing, financial burdens soon begin to follow. Many construction workers and their families are victims of these unnecessary burdens after…

Worker electrocuted in construction accident

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Construction job sites can be a dangerous place to work if proper safety precautions are not respected. The devastating consequences that can accompany a construction accident may leave a victim or their loved ones with feelings of injustice and grief. Recently, a North Carolina worker lost his life after being electrocuted in…

Charlotte construction worker dies from electrocution on worksite

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Construction sites are among the most dangerous places to be. Even people who are trained to work with large equipment and in unstable environments can fall victim to the unpredictability of a busy construction site. Sadly, that is exactly what happened yesterday in Charlotte. A man was in a lift…

8 North Carolina workers injured after scaffolding collapses

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Construction sites are notoriously dangerous for workers. Every year we hear about workers being injured or even killed when machinery malfunctions or debris comes crashing down. Despite the inherent dangers of working in construction, workers still have the right to expect that their employers and other third parties working on…