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Fighting Back Against Employer Retaliation

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It is often the case that victims of workplace injuries are hesitant to file workers’ compensation claims. Simply put, injured workers fear their employers will punish them for speaking out — they might be demoted, receive a poor performance review or be fired entirely. And, indeed, some supervisors and employers do retaliate against injury victims who seek relief through workers’ compensation.

Yet this is illegal, and the lawyers at Ayers, Whitlow & Dressler can help injured workers assert their rights. Based in Charlotte, we offer legal support and representation to workers throughout North Carolina. We know how to assert their rights, protect their jobs, obtain adequate medical treatment and ensure that their working conditions are favorable and fair.

Protection Against All Forms Of Retaliation

State and federal laws clearly prohibit employers from taking adverse action against employees who file workers’ compensation claims. Illegal actions include:

  • Reducing an employee’s wages
  • Reducing an employee’s hours or shifts
  • Changing an employee’s schedule to render it undesirable
  • Changing an employee’s assignments
  • Relocating an employee to an undesirable location
  • Demoting an employee
  • Writing negative performance reviews
  • Treating an employee in a hostile or abusive manner
  • Forcing workers to take time off without pay
  • Terminating a worker’s employment

Moreover, it is illegal for employers to threaten to undertake any of these actions.

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