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October 2013 Archives

Factors that are Considered in the Evaluation of Social Security Disability Claims

Of course, the most important factors relate to the severity of the health conditions that prevent you from working. However, this is not the only factor important in Social Security disability claims. In addition, the Social Security Regulations address age, education, work experience, and the combined effect of impairments as part of the Social Security disability process. A skilled attorney can help present this information in a way most likely to result in approval of benefits.  Contact us today. 

What to Bring to an Interview with an Attorney About Social Security Disability Benefits

First, in order to obtain the best advice possible, it is important that an applicant bring all papers, records, and documents they have ever received from the Social Security Administration. This would include denial letters and other notices. Second, bring all medical reports that are currently in your possession. It is especially helpful if a physician has already given an opinion regarding your inability to work. Even if you don't have medical records, provide the names and addresses of all treating physicians so they can be contacted. Third, bring a list of all medications you are currently taking. Fourth, provide a list of the jobs you have held over the past 15 years. Furnishing this information will greatly assist the attorney in providing an initial evaluation of your claim.  Contact our office for an initial consultation with a skilled attorney today.  

Worker electrocuted in construction accident

Construction job sites can be a dangerous place to work if proper safety precautions are not respected. The devastating consequences that can accompany a construction accident may leave a victim or their loved ones with feelings of injustice and grief. Recently, a North Carolina worker lost his life after being electrocuted in a construction accident, while completing his occupational duties. His family may be entitled to workers' compensation benefits to assist with expenses associated with his fatal work injury.

Social Security Disability and Age

The typical SSDI beneficiaries are in their late 50's, 70 percent are over age 50, and 30 percent are 60 years old or older and suffer from a severe mental, musculoskeletal, circulatory, respiratory, or other debilitating impairment. Labor market prospects for individuals with these problems are poor, and the Social Security disability system is an important safety net for them. The monthly benefits received and potential for Medicare health insurance (following 24 months of eligibility) are also critically important.  For more information, contact us today. 

Charlotte construction worker dies from electrocution on worksite

Construction sites are among the most dangerous places to be. Even people who are trained to work with large equipment and in unstable environments can fall victim to the unpredictability of a busy construction site. Sadly, that is exactly what happened yesterday in Charlotte.

Social Security Disability Waiting Period

In order to obtain Title II Social Security Disability benefits, a disabled worker must have a physical and/or mental impairment expected to last for at least twelve months. For the first five months ("the waiting period") of this twelve month period, the applicant is not paid benefits. However, there is the possibility that Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits may be payable during the waiting period in appropriate claims. It is often wise to obtain skilled counsel early in the disability application process to increase the possibility of benefits being awarded.  For more information, contact us today. 

Industrial accident causes death of North Carolina worker

Less than two weeks ago, a young man from North Carolina was killed in a tragic workplace accident. Although the incident took place in a neighboring state, it clearly highlights how important it is that companies adhere to federal safety standards. 

What the government shutdown means for workplace safety

Workplace safety is extremely important to workers in Charlotte. We rely on employers to adhere to federal safety regulations, and we expect federal agencies like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to keep an eye on employers to ensure that they are following the rules. In the midst of a government shutdown, however, we will have to adjust our expectations.

The Economy and Social Security Disability

When there are fewer jobs available in the economy, this hits people with mental and physical limitations the hardest. For this reason, applications to the Social Security disability program have increased significantly over the past few years, especially for individuals over age 50. Fortunately, the law favors claims for these individuals by applying a less rigorous standard to disabled workers who are over 50 years of age. Contact us to learn more.

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