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Industrial accident causes death of North Carolina worker

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Less than two weeks ago, a young man from North Carolina was killed in a tragic workplace accident. Although the incident took place in a neighboring state, it clearly highlights how important it is that companies adhere to federal safety standards.

The industrial accident happened on Sept. 26. According to authorities, the 24-year-old worker was standing on a lift that was elevated about 30 feet above ground. As he was pulling boxes of shoes down from the shelves, another worker operating a different lift got too close to the 24-year-old’s lift and bumped it.

The collision caused the lift that the North Carolina man was on to tip over. The 24-year-old fell onto the building’s concrete floor and suffered serious head injuries as a result of the fall form heights. He died before he could be taken to a hospital. The other worker was not injured.

As the South Carolina Occupational Safety and Health Administration investigates this tragic workplace accident, it will be interesting to see what they find. Often in situations like this the employer is found to be in violation of some safety standards. In fact, several years ago, a similar accident happened at the same plant. In that case, OSHA found that the company was guilty of 16 serious safety violations.

No one in North Carolina or elsewhere should have to fear for their life at work. Unfortunately, when companies fail to adhere to safety standards, accidents can happen. Hopefully accidents like this one will make employers across the country try a little harder to stay on top of safety regulations. Contact a Charlotte work comp lawyer for help today.

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