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Worker electrocuted in construction accident

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Construction job sites can be a dangerous place to work if proper safety precautions are not respected. The devastating consequences that can accompany a construction accident may leave a victim or their loved ones with feelings of injustice and grief. Recently, a North Carolina worker lost his life after being electrocuted in a construction accident, while completing his occupational duties. His family may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits to assist with expenses associated with his fatal work injury.

The fatal work site accident occurred last week at a North Carolina apartment building, which is under construction and near a relatively public area of a local university. The worker was in a lift basket that collided with heavy power lines, causing the electrocution of its inhabitant. Firefighter statements revealed that the man came into contact with a 12,000-volt shock of electricity carried by the lines.

Police, firefighter and paramedics were all present on the scene after the accident. Reports claim that paramedics tried to save the man, but he was tragically pronounced dead at the scene. When a construction injury has taken place, workers’ compensation benefits are often available to victims, or surviving loved ones of victims who have lost their lives.

When a worker electrocuted in a construction accident is injured so severely that he or she becomes permanently disabled or loses their life, the employer may be turned to for rightful reimbursement. Anxiety over large medical expenses or funeral costs can deeply affect people. Victims, or their loved ones, may wish to seek legal guidance in obtaining benefits when tragic situations occur on the job. Contact a Charlotte work comp attorney for help today.

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