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State fair work accident critically injures man

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North Carolina residents who make annual trips to the State Fair are familiar with the wide variety of rides and attractions that the yearly event offers. Many are drawn to the thrill rides, and the exhilaration that comes with the sense of danger that these rides provide. However, the real dangers that come with amusement park rides is posed to the workers who assemble and disassemble these machines. One recent work accident exemplifies this truth.

During the recent State Fair, a worker was critically injured while dismantling a ride known as the Vortex. The worker was hurt when a section on the ride’s seating fell onto him. The lower part of his body was trapped, and other workers responded to screams and tried to help the man. One worker who arrived on the scene told reporters that the man was visibly injured, and that those injuries were severe.

The worker was rushed to a nearby hospital for emergency medical treatment. He was listed in critical condition as of the time of this report. It is unclear whether there are checklists or defined safety measures in place for the process of dismantling these types of rides, and there has been no determination as of yet concerning the cause of the workplace accident.

For those who are injured in this type of serious work accident, life may never be the same. The injuries this man sustained may bring life-altering consequences, and could limit his ability to find gainful employment in the future. Depending on the details of his employment status with the company that owns and operates the ride, he may be entitled to workers’ compensation, which can help him weather the financial losses associated with this North Carolina accident.

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