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North Carolina construction accident and OSHA safety precautions

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Among the worst news any North Carolina family can receive is when a financially contributing member of a family dies. In addition to the grief that follows a loved one’s passing, financial burdens soon begin to follow. Many construction workers and their families are victims of these unnecessary burdens after being involved in a construction accident. Although construction workers’ jobs are potentially dangerous, it is an employer’s responsibility to reduce the risks by providing adequate safety methods. A North Carolina construction worker was just involved in a construction accident that cost him his life.

The construction accident happened on a typical day for a construction worker. He was on a roof helping with installation of added pieces of the roof. Fixing of a roof is likely a routine job for any construction worker, but experience on the job was no help to this man and the circumstances surrounding his situation. After a huge gust of wind occurred, the man fell 24 feet to his death.

Although there may be nothing a company can do about Mother Nature, there are certain protocols to prevent such falls from occurring. As per the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s regulations, companies are supposed to provide adequate fall protection — especially in potentially dangerous jobs such as construction work. If employers are found at fault for not having required fall protection, they can likely face heavy penalties on behalf of OSHA.

A construction accident can happen to any North Carolina worker, but companies are supposed to provide protection to prevent them. The family of this construction worker may be able to file a workers’ compensation claim against the company for not protecting their loved one. Had there been adequate safety precautions, this man may still have his life. An investigation from OSHA will determine if the company is in fact at fault for this untimely death. Contact a Charlotte workers compensation lawyer for help today.

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