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January 2014 Archives

Construction accident leads to man's death

A tragic construction accident in North Carolina resulted in the death of a young worker. The young man fell to his death from scaffolding at a local building project, and he died at the scene of the construction accident. There is no indication of the nature of his fatal injuries.

The Future State of the Social Security System

There is frequent discussion in the media regarding whether the Social Security system will be able to pay benefits in the future. Currently, the government indicates that funds will be able to pay 100 percent of scheduled benefits until 2033 for the old age and retirement benefits. Unfortunately, the disability insurance trust fund will experience a shortfall in 2016 unless Congress acts. Most people expect Congress to take action to avoid the Social Security disability trust fund running out of money.  Contact us today to find out if you may qualify for disability benefits.

Work accident death rate declined in North Carolina in 2013

Many hazards can pose a risk to a worker's safety on a job site in North Carolina. Situations such as slips and falls or even a work accident with machinery can lead to serious injuries and even death. According to recent research, the number of work-related deaths in the state actually declined last year, which is surely encouraging news for many North Carolina employees.

High Expectations of Social Security Disability Judges

Administrative law judges who hear Social Security Disability cases are expected to enter 500 to 700 decisions a year (an average of 2 per day). Each judge has 4 to 5 staff members who assist in meeting this standard. For this reason, it is very important that proper information be submitted to the administrative law judge so that your case receives the attention it deserves in the brief time allowed. The key is obtaining the right kind of information from your treating doctors. A competent attorney is a valuable resource in making this happen on your behalf.  Contact us today to see how we can help!

Construction accident claims life of 2 men; 1 family sues

Two construction workers were involved in a fatal construction accident recently. The family of one of the late workers has filed a wrongful death claim against the company the men were employed by. In addition to the family wanting the company to be held responsible by filing for wrongful death, they have made the decision to attempt to receive the man's workers' compensation. When a North Carolina construction accident occurs and there is a fatality, workers' compensation could lift the burden of financial tribulations that follow a victim's family.

A Strict Standard for the Social Security Disability Program

Congress established a strict standard of disability for the Social Security Disability program. For example, the disability program does not provide short term or partial disability benefits. Instead, an insured claimant is eligible only if he or she cannot engage in any substantial gainful work because of a medically determinable physical or mental impairment that has lasted or is expected to last at least one year.  Contact us today to see if you may qualify for benefits under this strict standard.

Workers hurt in explosion are entitled to workers' compensation

When an explosion occurs at a workplace, the problem is generally approached on two levels. First, the injured workers in a North Carolina work accident or elsewhere are taken to safety and treated medically. The medical care of the injured is thus first priority. In that connection, each worker or his or her family should be fully informed of the procedures for collecting benefits under the workers' compensation program. That involves the filing of a workers' compensation claim form.

Social Security Disability is a Huge Government Program

In 2012, the Social Security Administration completed 8 million claims for benefits and conducted 820,000 hearings. It also conducted 443,000 continuing disability reviews for people previously awarded benefits. With a program this big, delays are unfortunately a part of the process. While the delays are bad, the average time for a hearing to be scheduled has decreased from 512 days in 2007 to 375 days in 2013. Administrative law judge allowance rates are at a 40 year low. 47 percent of hearings resulted in favorable decisions in 2013. Many of the unfavorable cases involve individuals who were not represented by an attorney. A competent attorney greatly increases the likelihood that a disabled individual receives the benefits to which he or she is entitled.  Contact us today to see how we can help!

Dam worker dies two days after construction accident

We have recently discussed the different types of jobs in North Carolina that may pose risk to employees. It is often assumed that many of these seemingly risky jobs are dangerous and there's no way to get around the risk. Contrary to what one may think, many of these presumed dangerous jobs are not in fact as dangerous as assumed when proper safety guidelines are enforced. One construction accident has recently left a 62-year-old man dead, and may leave his loved ones with the option of filing a claim for survivor's benefits through workers' compensation.

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