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Construction accident claims life of 2 men; 1 family sues

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Two construction workers were involved in a fatal construction accident recently. The family of one of the late workers has filed a wrongful death claim against the company the men were employed by. In addition to the family wanting the company to be held responsible by filing for wrongful death, they have made the decision to attempt to receive the man’s workers’ compensation. When a North Carolina construction accident occurs and there is a fatality, workers’ compensation could lift the burden of financial tribulations that follow a victim’s family.

The two men were killed on the job after a lift they were standing on to do work on a highway collapsed underneath them. They were allegedly doing work on an overpass at the time the lift collapsed. The cause of the accident was reportedly a malfunction in the equipment on the lift. In addition to the employer possibly being at fault, the manufacturer of the lift is being checked into.

One of the men’s two children have made the decision to file for their dad’s workers’ compensation and wrongful death against the employer. In addition to the wrongful death claim, accusations of negligence against the employer have been claimed. The two children are allegedly suing for the full value of their dad’s life, the cost of the lawsuit and additional punitive damages.

Such a construction accident with fatalities likely has lifelong repercussions for the surviving family members. If the children are successful in the litigation for wrongful death and their father’s workers’ compensation, they may be able to receive proper compensation for the loss of their father. Although no amount of money will ever bring back a loved one, it can lift the burden of hefty expenses that any North Carolina family suffers from as a result of such a construction accident. Contact a Charlotte work comp lawyer for help today.

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