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Construction accident leads to man’s death

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A tragic construction accident in North Carolina resulted in the death of a young worker. The young man fell to his death from scaffolding at a local building project, and he died at the scene of the construction accident. There is no indication of the nature of his fatal injuries.

While the accident is still under investigation, it is not believed that it was anything other than a tragic accident. The North Carolina Department of Labor is still reviewing all evidence from the case, but it does not appear that extraneous factors, such as drugs or alcohol, played a role in the fall. It is standard for all such accidents to come under investigation when severe or deadly injuries occur.

What may concern readers is that this incident was the second serious construction or work-related accident in the area in two days. Previously, workers had sustained injuries when a crane platform collapsed. While they did require medical intervention, it is not believed that any of the injuries were life-threatening. These two unfortunate incidents are not related to the same construction site.

Work-related injuries are tragic because they are often caused by inexperience, unsafe working conditions or simple error. When death or injury caused by an accident occurs at work, it is possible for injured victims to pursue workers’ compensation. Families of those killed in a construction accident should carefully consider all evidence and documentation before pursuing legal action to collect workers’ compensation for their deceased loved one. A thorough evaluation can determine if compensation is a viable option, but it is best to take action as soon as possible after an accident. Contact a Charlotte work comp attorney today for help.

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