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North Carolina workers’ compensation panel nominee sparks debate

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If you have been involved in a workplace accident or you have been injured on the job, then the struggle to receive fair compensation for your injuries may be an uphill battle. The North Carolina state legislature is experiencing a blistering fight of its own over the governor’s controversial pick for a spot on the North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Panel.

The panel that hears and decides issues in workers’ compensation cases is very important, with panel members making critical choices affecting the citizens of North Carolina.

The basic issue at hand in this controversy is whether or not the governor’s selection for the panel can be expected to make the right choices in often controversial and difficult decisions involved in these types of cases.

While democrats insist that the governor’s pick will make decisions that negatively affect workers, republicans insist that he is a reasonable selection and can only be expected to make acceptable decisions, according to a news report.

All politics aside, this story is important because it demonstrates how difficult workers’ compensation cases can be to resolve. Because so much hangs in the balance of these cases, for employers and employees, resolving a workers’ compensation case can take serious time and a huge struggle.

Whether it is compiling the necessary documents and information to help your claim go through the courts smoothly, or you are worried about being able to recover damages, you may want to speak with a Charlotte work injury attorney before moving forward in your case.

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