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The Importance of Psychiatric Records in Social Security Disability Claims

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Many Social Security disability cases are successful because of the presence of mental health evaluations and treatment. It is common for somebody with serious physical problems to experience a level of depression, and independent problems with anxiety, depression, PTSD, etc., have a significant impact on an individual’s ability to perform work activity. Please make sure your mental health provider is aware that you are seeking Social Security disability benefits so that appropriate notations in support of your claim can be made in the treatment records. It is often necessary to supplement these records with special reports specifically addressing the type of issues Social Security utilizes in determining whether you can or cannot engage in substantial work activity. Alcoholism and drug addiction may not be considered disabling impairments; however, people in alcohol and drug treatment programs often receive treatment for other medical conditions unrelated to alcoholism that may be relevant for a Social Security disability claim. While pursuing a Social Security disability case, it is very important that you cooperate with all efforts to avoid use of alcohol or abuse of drugs so that this cannot be used to provide an excuse for SSA to deny your claim.