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Construction worker injured in fall from tractor

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Many activities involved in construction require licensing by employees and employers. North Carolina laws have been put in place for construction companies to ensure that they have trained employees who are capable of handling complex machinery and able to operate construction vehicles.

Construction vehicles in particular have the potential for causing serious damage; in fact, many are built to do just that. However, if a vehicle malfunctions or is not operated properly, it can cause significant and unintended destruction. If a vehicle designed for construction purposes is the cause of a construction injury, then fault for the injury should be explored to discover if civil liability may be assigned to a responsible party.

It was reported recently that a 64-year-old construction worker suffered critical injuries when he slipped while trying to climb onto a construction tractor. It appears that the tractor went into reverse gear while the man was attempting to get on. The sudden unexpected movement of the tractor took the man off-guard and he was thrown from the vehicle and crushed underneath it.

This type of accident could be attributed to a number of different factors that must be investigated. Questions concerning who was the last to operate the tractor, whether the vehicle was properly secured by that last person and whether workers were properly trained to handle the vehicle may be asked.

Because the man’s injuries occurred while the man was at work, it is likely that he is eligible to receive workers’ compensation. However, considering the extent of his injuries, it may be a good idea to consider additional sources of compensation to help with the cost of medical care and other expenses. Depending on results of an investigation, there may be evidence to support additional claims for support.

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