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The stress of a construction accident

North Carolina is a budding state with new businesses taking root all the time. It is a state that faces the challenges and demands of a growing population, and that increased growth is accompanied by a tremendous amount of construction. Homes and roads need to be built, along with commercial plazas and a host of other buildings and structures to meet the needs of the state’s inhabitants.

Getting Ready for a Hearing

It is important that you meet with your attorney prior to the hearing so that you can go over the types of questions you will be asked and the information the judges will be interested in receiving from you. It is not necessary to dress up for the hearing, clean, casual clothes are fine. In most hearings, both your attorney and the judge will ask questions. It is very important that you listen carefully to the question and answer it before adding additional information. There is nothing wrong with saying "I do not know" or "I cannot remember" if this is the truth. You are also allowed to stand up if you need to during the hearing in order to change position. If you can think of specific examples from your day to day life that illustrate how your disabling conditions impact you, this is often very powerful testimony.

Scheduling the Hearing

Fortunately, social security hearings are scheduled on a specific day and time. This means you usually do not have to wait around for hours and hours for your case to be called. However, this also means that the Social Security Administration judges do not like continue cases to a later date. It is important that you provide updated medical information and make every effort to attend the hearing so that this does not occur. If for some reason outside your control you are unable to attend your hearing, most judges will allow to present evidence in Affidavit form explaining your absence, and they will usually reschedule the hearing.

Social Security Disability Hearing

A social security disability hearing is different from other types of court proceedings. There is no jury, the cases are decided by administrative law judges who work for the federal government. There is also no lawyer present representing the government, which means the judge serves both those roles. The hearings generally last for 30-45 minutes with the focus being on of your testimony being your day-to-day activities and the practical ways in which the conditions that make you unable to work impact your day to day life.

Equipment roll-over at construction site kills 1, injures another

Working at a construction site may be considered to be an inherently dangerous activity, and as we have noted on this blog before every year construction accidents in North Carolina take their toll of workers killed and injured on the job. Another construction worker has recently died in what his co-workers have described as a freak accident.

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