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Sometimes you need an advocate to claim the benefits you deserve

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“I’m OK!”

How many times have you heard someone say that right after getting into an accident at work? Perhaps you have even said it yourself. Indeed, at the time it may even seem to be the truth; you spring back up, you do not seem to feel any unusual pain, and you carry on with your job.

But the next day, things definitely are not “OK.” Even simple activities like walking up or down stairs or bending down at the waist trigger an immediate and sharp protest from your back.

Going to bed becomes an elaborate slow motion ritual as you try to keep your posture straight while climbing onto the mattress. It finally gets to the point where you cannot do your job because the pain is simply too great.

It was a work injury, and right now you cannot work. So you file a workers’ compensation claim. And then you get subjected to a new form of pain as you attempt to navigate the claim process.

It might culminate with a visit to a doctor that your employer’s insurer has retained, and after subjecting you to some scans and tests, his or her opinion is, “You’re OK.”

You know that isn’t true; you are still having trouble undertaking even simple life activities, not to mention accomplishing work tasks. So what are you to do now? Who do you turn to if you need to appeal a decision not to award you benefits?

At the law firm of Ayers Whitlow & Dressler in North Carolina, our attorneys have extensive experience with work accident claims. We know that properly diagnosing such injuries can be difficult, and that employers and their insurers are often motivated as much or more by the desire to save on costs as they are to help injured workers.

We also understand that if it becomes necessary to fight for your workers compensation benefits, not everyone has the money up front to pay for the costs of an attorney. That is why we work for you on a contingent fee basis: we only collect a fee if you win.

An initial consultation with one of our lawyers is free. Our workers’ compensation page on our website will give you more information on our services, and how to contact us for an appointment with a Charlotte workers compensation attorney.