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January 2015 Archives

Getting Ready for Your Social Security Disability Hearing - Part III

It is not necessary for you to dress up for the hearing. The Judge needs to see you as you normally appear. This is an opportunity for you to describe your problems, not try to make a temporary good impression that doesn't accurately reflect your daily life. Dress simply and without a lot of jewelry, etc. 

My workers compensation claim has been denied! Now what?

An unfortunate fact of life is that sometimes people who claim to be looking out for your interest aren't really doing so. This phenomenon can sometimes be the case when it comes to making workers' compensation claims in North Carolina. The system is set up for your benefit, but at its heart are two participants who may place their self-interest ahead of yours: employers and their insurers.

Getting Ready for Your Social Security Disability Hearing - Part II

During the course of your claim the medications prescribed by your doctors always change. When you receive the hearing notice, it is always a good idea to notify your attorney of your current treatment regimen. In addition, the side effects caused by your medication can have a significant impact on your ability to work. Please make sure both your treating doctors and your attorney are aware of the side effects you experience. It is often helpful for this information to be included in your medical records to bolster the testimony you provide about this at the hearing.

Death benefits under North Carolina workers' compensation

Workers' compensation benefits are intended to serve as a financial buffer to absorb part of the shock that families go through when a worker is injured on the job. In the best-case scenario, these benefits help to pay bills and medical expenses until the injured worker is well enough to return to employment. But not every incident of a workplace or work-related accident results in the injured worker returning to the job. Sometimes, the injury proves fatal.

What employers must provide workers' compensation benefits?

The system of workers' compensation benefits in North Carolina represents a significant improvement over an alternative in which employees who are injured on the job would have to take their employers to court to seek compensation for their expenses related to medical treatment and other costs. So it should come as no surprise that the vast majority of employers in this state are required to participate in workers' compensation.

Getting Ready for Your Social Security Disability Hearing - Part I

As soon as you receive a notice that your hearing has been scheduled, please contact your attorney immediately. This is necessary to ensure that up to date medical records and information is available to the Administrative Law Judge who will hear your case. It also gives a final opportunity to obtain additional opinions from your doctors supporting your application for benefits. This is one reason why a local attorney is usually a better choice to assist in your social security disability case. Law firms in groups with a "national" practice are often not available to meet in person prior to the hearing.

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