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Helping you navigate to recovery after a workplace accident

On Behalf of Christian Ayers
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We live today in what might be considered to be an increasingly entitlement-based society. But not for you: you still proudly represent that dying breed known as the American worker, waking up to an alarm clock in the morning so you can support yourself, and your family. Working for a living is your way of life. You would not have it any other way.

But sometimes the unexpected happens. You know this; it’s why you insure your car, your home, and your health. And you expect your insurer to come through for you if the unanticipated becomes reality. The same holds true for the possibility that you could experience a work-related injury or illness.

If you have ever made an insurance claim for your car, then you know that it is not always a straightforward process. It isn’t that the insurance company is hostile to you, but rather that it all seems quite impersonal. You are a claim number. Something to be processed, along with a bunch of other claim numbers.

Your employer’s workers’ compensation insurer can be much the same way. It may not have the same sense of urgency about your injury and your need to recover as quickly as possible that you do. It may even seem confused about who it is supposed to be helping you, or your employer?

The feeling of being treated like a number is unsettling at best, especially when your ability to resume your livelihood is at stake. In a situation like this, having someone who not only knows how to proactively represent you, not your claim number, but you, can make a key difference between getting what you need and deserve from workers’ compensation as expeditiously as possible.

At Ayers, Whitlow & Dressler, this is what we do. We represent people. People just like you, who are not familiar with the workers’ compensation claim process and do not have the time to become experts in it. You did your part at work; we make sure that the insurance system does its part when you need it, as quickly as possible and to the fullest possible extent.

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