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March 2015 Archives

Receiving an Award Certificate

After winning your social security disability case, you will receive an Award Certificate or Notice of Award from the Social Security Administration. This will explain the amount of past due benefits, the time period for which benefits are paid, and the amount of monthly benefits you will receive in the future. It is important that this information is correct and occasionally it is necessary to file an appeal with SSA if errors occur.

Fatal Raleigh accident a reminder of risks of construction work

One of the dangers to workers at a construction site is the risk being struck by falling objects. Sometimes, the risk is that what falls may be the workers themselves. That is what happened when scaffolding collapsed during the construction of a commercial building in Raleigh, North Carolina, resulting in the deaths of three workers for a subcontractor on the project and seriously injuring a fourth.

Children of Disabled Parents

Natural children and stepchildren receiving at least one-half of his/her support from a disabled parent may be eligible for dependent benefits. Upon receiving a Favorable Decision from the Social Security Administration, do not wait for SSA to contact you about dependent benefits. Take a copy of the Favorable Decision to the local social security office along with the original birth certificate for each dependent child under the age of 18.

What if my employer does not have workers compensation insurance?

We have discussed in previous posts North Carolina workers' compensation law as it relates to the types of benefits that may be qualified for and the employers who are subject to the law. To recap on the latter topic, with only limited exceptions any employer having at least three employees must have workers' compensation insurance or qualify as being self-insured. The form of the employer's business makes little difference; sole proprietorships are as subject to the law as are major corporations.

Five Month Waiting Period

There is a five month waiting period before social security disability benefits begin to be paid. The waiting period must be five full months. This means that an onset date of disability after the first day of the month prevents that month from being used as a waiting period month.

Ways that construction accidents can happen

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics keeps track of fatal occupational accidents for many fields of work, including the construction industry. For North Carolina, examination of the BLS data reveals that there is no one prevailing source of fatal incidents.

New OSHA report critical of injured worker treatment

A recent report prepared by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration indicates that despite the availability of means such as workers' compensation to assist them, injured workers still face long-term income losses and other economic setbacks that the government agency concludes are unacceptable.

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