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April 2015 Archives

Workers' Compensation Offset

Disability benefits are subject to reduction on account of workers' compensation benefits paid to an injured person. There is a formula used to do this. What's important for you to know is that if you have received, or are receiving workers' compensation benefits, please notify your attorney to avoid any possibility of an overpayment issue. This also applies upon the settlement of your workers' compensation case since offsets can continue subsequent to receipt of lump sum payments. The amount received in a settlement can often be calculated in a way that significantly reduces and, in some circumstances, eliminates a workers' compensation offset.

Understanding North Carolina workers' compensation death benefits

The death of a family member from an incident connected to employment is extremely difficult for surviving family members. The purpose of workers' compensation is to at least partially alleviate such work-related loss by providing weekly compensation payments and covering burial expenses. Navigating North Carolina's Worker's Compensation Act, however, can sometimes feel like a traumatic experience in itself.

Representative Payee

If you have a mental limitation that would affect your ability to handle your finances, the Administrative Law Judge or Social Security Administration may require that a Representative Payee be appointed. The Representative Payee would receive the check issued by SSA and is under an obligation to utilize the funds for your benefit. Sometimes a Representative Payee only serves for a period of time until the disabled person is able to independently manage their financial affairs.

North Carolina may be underreporting worker deaths

For a worker in this state to become a statistic, a workplace injury, illness or even a work-related death, is never a hoped-for outcome. Perhaps the only thing worse might be to be killed on the job and to not even be counted as a statistic; and that, it seems, is the fate that befalls many North Carolina workers.

Rules loopholes, language barriers contribute to work accidents

Not long ago we posted about a scaffolding accident in Raleigh that resulted in three construction workers being killed when the platform that they were on collapsed. As the investigation continues into what caused the accident, the information it uncovers reveals that while construction sites in North Carolina are safer than they were even a few years ago, work remains to be done to reduce the risk of construction site injuries and deaths.

Supplemental Security Income - Calculation of Benefits

After receiving a Favorable Decision for SSI disability, you will receive a telephone call or letter from the local district office requesting information related to non-medical issues, i.e., financial data needed to determine the amount of your monthly benefits. If your resources exceed the allowable amount, you will not receive SSI. Generally, SSA will allow you to have a house, one automobile, furniture, appliances and clothing along with less than $2000.00 in other assets. If your back SSI benefits are for more than one year they will often be paid in three installments at six month intervals. Existence of emergency needs can result in release of additional funds.

What is Complex Regional Pain Syndrome?

Working in a field environment such as construction can lead to a variety of traumatic injuries. You can be struck by a falling object; run over by a vehicle; fall from scaffolding; have a limb mangled by a piece of equipment or machinery; be exposed to hazardous substances, and more. Many times your injuries can be seemingly straightforward to diagnose and to treat. But what if you experience symptoms that do not readily lend themselves to easy identification?

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