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How to handle a head injury on the jobsite

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A head injury on a worksite can cause everything in the vicinity to come to a standstill. These are very dangerous — potentially fatal — injuries that should be addressed immediately. It is important for both the injured person and anyone around to stay calm; inducing panic will not be helpful to anyone. Following proper first aid procedures could potentially save someone’s life.

The first step is to check to see if the wound is opened or closed, if possible. Try to move the injured head as little as possible, but look for blood or anything protruding from the skull; these are clear signs of an open injury. Any kind of open injury, even if it just looks like the scalp was scratched, needs to be addressed by a medical professional; call 911. Use clean cloth to help stop the bleeding. If there is debris in the wound, leave it. If the skull is fractured, do not apply pressure to the injury.

For a closed wound, if the person did not lose consciousness and is speaking/acting normally, they may be fine. If their pupil sizes are uneven, have a major headache, vomit multiple times, lose motor function or become sleepy, they need medical attention. Even if they only lost consciousness briefly, it could be a sign of a serious injury; call 911 immediately. If the victim remains unconscious or stops breathing, try to clear the passageway and perform CPR while waiting for the medical professionals.

Your workplace should have a detailed guide on first aid for head injuries; if they do not, you should request one soon. If you sustained a head injury on a jobsite in Charlotte, it is important to file for workers’ compensation sooner rather than later. An expert Charlotte work injury attorney can guide you through the process of filing properly so you are not left without income while you are recovering.