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What to do after a workplace injury

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Workplace accidents can be some of the scariest experiences in a North Carolina resident’s life. But it is vital to remain calm and make sure you take the proper steps in order to receive proper care and workers’ compensation. Here are just a few quick points to remember if you are injured at work.

Don’t Move

Even if you do not immediately feel pain, move as little as possible if you get hurt. A brain injury or neck injury could be exacerbated by excess movement. Call out for help, or if no one is in the vicinity, slowly reach for your radio or cellphone. Move only when a medical professional clears you to do so.

Report It

As soon as you can, fill out an incident report. Include any and all injuries you have sustained. Make sure you talk to witnesses and get their statements. As soon as the report is complete, obtain a copy and keep it for your records.

Get Medical Attention

Even if it’s just a sore back or a bruised arm, get checked out by a physician after the accident. They can check for any hidden injuries, especially if the pain has persisted for more than a few days. Not doing so could hurt your workers’ compensation claim.

File for Workers’ Compensation

If you find you are unable to work after a week of recovery, send a written request to your supervisor for workers’ comp. If that does not get benefits started, file an LDOL-WC-1008 to officially claim compensation.

Keep a Paper Trail

Make sure you have a file of all expenses related to the injury, from medical bills to rehab to even travel costs, plus lost wages. Also keep detailed notes of what the doctor says and keep records of MRIs, CAT scans and any other documentation that can show the extent of injury.

Don’t Sign Anything

Never sign a claim, releases or any other forms without discussing it with a qualified Charlotte work injury attorney. You could unintentionally be signing away your rights to proper compensation by releasing various parties from responsibility.