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Social Security Disability in cases of permanent disability

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2015 | Workplace Injuries

People normally associate an on-the-job injury with workers’ compensation benefits. Social Security Disability is another government benefit program that is available to someone prevented from working due to an injury or medical condition.

Unlike workers’ compensation that would pay a Charlotte, North Carolina, worker who is partially disabled due to a workplace injury, Social Security Disability only pays benefits in cases of full disability. It also does not provide benefits unless the full disability is expected to continue for at least 12 months or cause the death of the individual.

Receiving disability benefits through Social Security requires that the claimant establish that he or she worked long enough to qualify. This is in addition to the rules pertaining to the severity of the illness or injury itself.

As a general rule, a workplace accident or medical condition must be severe enough to prevent you from performing even the most basic of work-related activities including:

  • Lifting
  • Standing
  • Walking
  • Memory

A person whose medical condition appears to meet the criteria for full disability, Social Security must be convinced that it makes it impossible for you to perform your past job and from doing any other type of work.  Depending upon your age, experience and skills, if there is another type of work that you can do even with your medical condition, you might not be eligible for Social Security Disability.

An attorney is a good source of legal advice about workers’ compensation and Social Security Disability benefits for someone who cannot work because of a work injury or other medical condition. An attorney might also provide information about the appeals process when benefit applications are denied.


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