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The top workplace hazards

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Workplaces, from a high-rise construction site to a cubicle office, are meant to be safe for workers. While some jobs may require a harness and hardhat to ensure protection, no employee should have to deal with an unsafe working environment. In fact, that’s why OSHA exists: to make sure every workplace is up to safety standards. But there are some hazards that are common in different environments, even when following strict procedure.

Fires are one of the most common dangers across the board. Whether the coffee maker was left on too long in the break room or an exposed wire caused ignition on a jobsite, everyone should know what to do in the event of a fire emergency. This includes working knowledge of a fire extinguisher and the emergency exit plan.

Another common cause of injury for all employees is repetitive use. Signing paperwork all day can be as taxing on the body as using a screwdriver for eight hours. Be sure to take regular breaks or switch to another task that does not involve the same motion if you begin to feel pain.

There are also a couple niche hazards to be wary of. For industrial or manufacturing workers especially, the threat of chemical exposure is high. Be sure to always follow proper storage and disposal procedures. There are also unique risks for those who work with electricity. Always wear the proper protective gear and be aware of your surroundings.

Finally, construction workers especially face the risk of falls and falling debris. Once again, always make sure you are wearing the proper safety equipment, and check with a spotter on the ground before dropping anything off a higher level area.

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