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OSHA investigating death of two North Carolina men

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The deaths of two men who were killed last month while performing construction work and drainage maintenance in the Wilmington, North Carolina area are being investigated. The accident happened when the backhoe that they were operating struck an active power line. The 55-year-old and 49-year-old men were unloading concrete vaults with the backhoe when the deadly incident occurred.

The powerful electric current from the live wire pulsed through the backhoe and wet ground where the men had been standing.

Investigations normally take about three months, and any death will trigger one to occur. This investigation will focus on the events around the construction worker’s accident, unless observations lead to further investigations. Officials will determine if any violations were made that led to the accident.

Employers are required to notify the North Carolina division of OSHA within eight hours of an employee death. This construction company reported the accident the morning that is occurred

Construction employees are subjected to potentially dangerous working situations that are closely regulated by federal authorities. If safety procedures and regulations are found to have been violated, the company or contractor that made the mistakes could be subjected to fines. These precautions are put into place to decrease incidents that leave workers injured or dead. Workplace safety is always a top concern. For anyone who has additional questions regarding construction accidents or safety in the workplace, speaking to an experienced Charlotte workers compensation attorney could be beneficial

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