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Back injuries are common, yet debilitating

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It might seem as if everyone at your workplace has problems with their back. For this reason, when you suffer a back injury that leaves you in debilitating pain, you might not think that you should seek worker’s compensation. It is important to realize that, though these types of injuries are common, they can be chronic and have a major impact on your life.

Your back is comprised of bones, muscles and multiple other tissues that work together to create a supportive structure for your body. The back is a powerful component. Without a strong back, many tasks are impossible to complete. When you suffer a back injury and experience pain, you might find that your performance on the job begins to plummet.

A back injury can occur due to a magnitude of different causes. For some people, it takes a major impact or jolt, such as a car accident or serious work accident, to injure the back. For others, simply lifting something moderately heavy might put them out of work for a week. It is important to be aware of your own limitations and practice safe working habits to prevent a major back injury.

Back injuries can cause serious pain and significantly limit movement, making it all but impossible to work, especially for manual laborers. This could potentially lead to decreased wages, financial turmoil, and mounting debt. If you have experienced an injury at work, you could be entitled to worker’s compensation, speaking to an experienced Charlotte work comp attorney could be beneficial.