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Social security benefits for World War II veterans

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Social security disability benefits are the financial lifelines for many in the elderly community. This is especially true for the most vulnerable in North Carolina, such as those who do not have a lot of money, including veterans of the Second World War. The federal government has created a special program for these veterans through the Social Security Administration.

This program was designed to provide eligible veterans with a basic income. Veterans who would qualify for these benefits are those who are seeking to leave the United States and live abroad in another country. To qualify, you must have been aged 65 years when the program first became law in 1999. You must also be a WWII veteran and eligible to receive basic social security benefits. If you meet these requirements, you might consider filing for special benefits.

One does not automatically qualify for the special program for WWII veterans. In fact, there are some conditions that might disqualify you from receiving benefits. If you have been removed from the United States, are a fleeing felon or have violated the terms of a parole, you would lose your eligibility. You might also be ineligible if you are living in a certain country. If any condition occurs after you have qualified or receive payments, you could lose your benefits.

Those who fought for the nation during World War II deserve to be respected and honored. For this reason, many are eligible to receive benefits from this special program. If you would like more information, speaking to an experienced attorney could be beneficial.