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As States Decrease Workers Compensation Benefits, Federal Attention Grows

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Federal lawmakers are beginning to pay attention to the recent trend of states cutting workers compensation benefits. When a state reduces the benefits available to an injured worker, often federal disability assistance will step in to aid the injured worker. Congressman Bobby Scott of Virginia (D) explains that “what happens is if the workers aren’t getting benefits under workers’ comp, a lot of them end up getting benefits under Social Security disability or Medicaid, food stamps, because they’re not working. And so there is a strong federal interest in making sure that the workers’ comp programs pay appropriate benefits.” He points out that if the states continue to cut workers compensation benefits, there will be an increasing burden on the Federal Social Security Disability program.

States accross the country are finding new ways to reduce workers compensation benefits for injured workers. North Carolina Workers Compensation law continues to change as a result. It is important that you understand your rights, and recieve the assistance of a skilled North Carolina Workers Compensation practicioner if you are injured on the job. A North Carolina Workers Compensation attorney can help you determine if you are entitled to workers compensation benefits in North Carolina. If you have questions, or would like to contribute to this conversation, please leave a comment below or contact a Charlotte workers compensation lawyer John Ayers or Christian Ayers at (704) 377-5050.