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Driving defensively in a sea of distracted drivers

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It can be said that a good majority of people within North Carolina who are of the appropriate age, drive daily. Because they drive as part of a routine, the magnitude of what they are doing may dissipate. Regardless, even the most diligent person behind the wheel, resisting all distracting temptations can still suffer consequences at the hands of another’s negligence.

Distracted driving is just as it sounds. It is the act of operating a vehicle while simultaneously conducting any extraneous task dividing your focus. This includes obvious and common distractions, more prevalent in today’s society, like cellphone use–but it can also include other attention diversions while driving–such as makeup application, reading, handling a pet or shaving.

If you or a loved one has suffered any degree of injury because of someone’s blatant disregard for the responsibilities they have when sharing the road with other motorists, you have avenues for recourse.

Shouldering the burden stemming from the fallout of a car accident is something no one should have to do alone. This is particularly more egregious when they, as a driver, exercised due caution and drove defensively. Medical bills can be staggering, and insurance companies can be too busy protecting their own assets that claimants get the runaround pursuing assistance or compensation after an accident and when attempting to file a claim.

A victim’s vehicle could be unusable. Repair bills could be greater than the medical bills the victim now cannot get to work to pay. If not navigated carefully, what follows a car accident can be a disastrous domino effect on a faultless victim’s life.

A North Carolina car accident attorney may be able to greatly reduce your stress levels and guide you in the next steps toward your pursuit of justice and remuneration.