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Can I retire early without penalty with SSDI?

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Social Security Disability Insurance is intended for those who have historically worked and paid into Social Security but who are no longer able to maintain employment, due to a disability. Likely because it benefits the economy to work and give a portion of your money to the government to hold on to over your lifetime, the government penalizes early withdrawals from your retirement funds by taxing the money and additionally, taking 10 percent.

If you have become disabled, are no longer able to work, and the disability lasts at least one year, you are eligible for financial help you may desperately need. You also will not be penalized for early withdrawal from any retirement accounts.

The government considers disability to be either a mental or physical impairment that disallows you to engage in any financially productive practice and which will last for an unknown but anticipated lengthy time and may ultimately result in your death. The complexities of getting your medical claim approved by the Social Security Administration is what makes this so difficult. Even if doctors want to help, they may negate a claim by wording something incorrectly. However, if you can get your doctor to build your case for SSDI by using your particular diagnosis, you will receive the retirement funds without penalty.

If you are disabled and struggling with financial obligations, you may benefit from a Social Security Disability lawyer in Charlotte. A knowledgeable attorney should be able to counsel your doctor and help you to build a strong case for your disability claim.