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What happens if I’m cleared for work but still in serious pain?

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If you were injured while at work and filed a workers’ compensation claim, you have had to jump through certain hoops in order to ensure all documentation and records are relayed and verified. But what happens if your MRI or assessment comes back with no clear indicator of an obvious injury? Do you go back to work even though doing so causes significant pain and will likely cause more lasting damage?

Certain injuries, like those to the back or neck, are not always easy to detect nor are they evident on scans. However, because you are paid workers’ compensation, until it is determined that you are ready to go back to work, there may be a bit of a conflict of interest with employers rushing the injured worker back to work prematurely in order to save money. Returning to work with an injury can be disastrous for your employer and extremely harmful for you.

In the even that you feel your doctor is either not being thorough or is just being negligent, you have rights.

Consulting a Charlotte workers compensation attorney may prove to be very useful when deciding how to verify your injury and have your claim appealed. Only you know the intensities of your own pain and the feelings of something not being right. Only you know when you are well. You should never have to suffer because of your job and you should never have to continue suffering because of an employer or an employer’s insurance arguing the extent of your pain.