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Work injury rates vary by industry in North Carolina

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In North Carolina, as in all other states, the number of workplace injuries suffered annually varies greatly by industry. While it is likely no surprise to most that a worker in the construction industry is more likely to suffer a work injury than those who work in offices, some of the statistics may be surprising. Continue reading to learn some interesting facts about work-related injuries in 2014.

According to a report issued by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and other cooperating government agencies, more than 90 workplace injuries or illnesses were reported in the state of North Carolina last year. Of these, more than 70 were in private industry, meaning that the remaining victims were workers in the public sector. The report then goes on to break down the injury rates even further by industry type.

It is while reviewing this data that one may be surprised. The number of workers injured in industries that are labeled “goods producing,” which includes manufacturing, is lower than the number of injured workers in industries that are “service-providing.” This data contradicts assumptions many people have that jobs in manufacturing and mining are inherently more dangerous than those in the service industry.

Fortunately, regardless of the industry in which an employee was working when he or she sustained a work injury, help is available. All injured workers in North Carolina have the right to pursue workers’ compensation for work-related illnesses or injuries. Those who find the claims process complex may find the assistance of a Charlotte workers compensation lawyer beneficial.