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Workplace accidents involving cranes all too common

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Crane-related accidents have been seen in the news all too often both in and outside of North Carolina. Many of these workplace accidents result in serious injuries to construction workers or bystanders, and many even prove fatal. One recent crane accident that occurred in another state is yet another reminder to everyone about the dangers associated with cranes and construction sites in general.

The most recent accident occurred in early February in Manhattan. A crane that had been being used to allow workers to access equipment on a skyscraper was being secured due to high winds in the area. As workers lowered the boom, the crane collapsed across an intersection, onto parked cars and the sidewalk.

When the crane fell, it struck a man employed on Wall Street. He did not survive his injuries. In addition, the accident injured three others, although the report did not clarify whether they were bystanders or construction workers.

Workplace accidents that affect workers are tragic. However, workplace accidents that injure or kill innocent bystanders often seem like greater tragedies, especially to the impacted families. Victims of crane accidents and other accidents that occurred on construction sites have the right to pursue compensation for their injuries, as do families who lost loved ones to construction accidents. If the victim is an employee at the site, workers’ compensation benefits are generally available. For victims who were bystanders, or the families of those killed, personal injury or wrongful death compensation may be awarded if negligence can be proved in a North Carolina civil court.

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