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What are common causes of North Carolina motor vehicle accidents?

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Motor vehicle accidents in North Carolina occur for a variety of reasons. Some are the result of adverse weather conditions while others are the fault of drunk drivers. Which causes are most commonly pinpointed as causes for motor vehicle accidents in the state?

According to accident statistics released by the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles for the year 2013, the most common contributing cause was speeding. In fact, of the 428,711 crashes that occurred during that calendar year, speeding was a contributor in more than 55,000. In those 55,000 accidents, nearly 20,000 involved injuries and 77 were fatal.

The second most common contributor to accidents in 2013 was listed as “inattention.” Inattention means that a driver simply failed to pay attention to what he or she was doing and a crash resulted. Sadly, inattention contributed to more than 45,000 accidents, of which more than 15,000 resulted in injuries and 114 resulted in deaths.

While drunk driving and distracted driving receive a lot of attention as dangerous driving activities, speeding and inattention are actually just as dangerous and just as likely to cause car accidents. If you were injured in an accident that was caused by one of these factors, you may be eligible to pursue personal injury compensation. To be successful in such a suit, you will need to prove that the other driver acted negligently and that his or her negligence was the root cause of your accident. To accomplish this, you may find the assistance of an attorney extremely beneficial.