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SSR 96-6p

In addition, even if an impairment is found to be non-severe it must still receive some consideration because a combination of non-severe impairments can impose limitations in a person's ability to engage in the kind of physical or mental activity needed for work.

Transportation workers face serious risks on the job

There are certain industries that come with more serious risks of injuries than other industries. For instance, if you work in public transportation in North Carolina, then you likely spend much more time in vehicles than other people, which can increase your chances of getting injured in an auto accident.

SSR 85-28

Social Security Ruling 85-28 states that medical evidence must clearly establish an individual's impairment(s) considered in combination, is not medically severe before the case can be denied at the initial stages. Although often unhelpful in some respects, the assessments by consultative examiners hired by the Social Security Administration can be used to establish the presence of severe impairments. These opinions cannot be ignored by the Administrative Law Judge.

3 types of damages you may receive after a car crash

Serious motor vehicle accidents can leave victims with severe injuries, life-long injuries and even fatal injuries. Even though these collisions typically last no more than a few seconds, the ramifications linger on long afterward.

SSR 05-02

According to Social Security Ruling 96-3p, impairment is considered severe if it "significantly limits an individual's physical or mental abilities to do basic work activities." Under the same Guidelines, "an impairment that is 'not severe' might be a slight abnormality (or a combination of slight abnormalities) that has no more than a minimal effect on the ability to do basic work activities." For this reason it is very important that each and every physical or mental impairment be developed in the medical evidence. This can greatly increase the possibility of successfully obtaining social security disability benefits.

Legal guidance crucial in presenting medical evidence

If you are suffering from a mental or physical condition that is severe enough to disrupt your ability to care for yourself and do the things you used to do, then your medical issues are undoubtedly among your top concerns at any given time.

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