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Family members: You can be eligible for disability benefits too

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Readers of this blog should be well aware that people who have severe, disabling illnesses and injuries are often eligible for government support through Social Security disability benefits.

However, you might not know that family members of SSDI recipients may also qualify for benefits. These benefits can be of great help for families who deal with the added challenges and expenses that come with a disabling condition.

Generally speaking, if you are collecting SSDI, benefits may also be available for your spouse, an ex-spouse and your children. However, there are numerous eligibility requirements they — like you — must meet before collecting family benefits.

In terms of how much money can be available, the exact amount will be dependent on the amount you receive. But essentially, each person could collect as much as 50 percent of the amount you receive.

There is a family limit, though. This can be crucial to understand if you have several children and a spouse who are all eligible to receive benefits. Again, this limit will depend on your specific benefits payments, but as noted by the Social Security Administration, the total amount paid to family members will typically not exceed 180 percent of your payments.

So, if multiple people are seeking benefits under your record, each payment can be decreased from that 50 percent maximum so as not to exceed the family limit.

This might all sound a bit confusing, especially when you are already trying to figure out whether you are eligible for benefits in the first place.

However, working with an attorney can make the process easier to navigate and understand. With legal guidance, you can pursue the benefits you deserve and ensure you and your family are not missing out on critical support.