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June 2016 Archives

Repetitive stress injuries: Are they covered by workers' comp?

Going to work can seem like a tedious task that never seems to change very much. One day is much the same as the day before for many people in a variety of different occupations. And this repetition may not just be boring and predictable: it could actually be bad for your health.

Listing of Impairments

Social Security Ruling 96-5p recognizes that your treating doctors are usually the best source of finding of medical information determining whether your condition meets the Listing of Impairments requirements. Often time this requires presenting detailed questionnaires to the physician along with a copy of the applicable regulations for his/her review. A competent social security disability attorney will make sure this aspect of your claim is thoroughly investigated and considered.

Truck cargo can present safety risk in the event of a crash

When you think about injuries suffered in a serious motor vehicle accident, you probably think of those that happen when two vehicles collide. You likely imagine broken bones, brain injuries, spinal cord damage and maybe burns and lacerations. These are all unfortunately common, but there are other types of injuries that can be suffered after the initial crash.

Families who lose loved ones to a workplace accident can look to the Workers Compensation Act

It is a sad fact that workplace accidents in North Carolina are a fairly common occurrence. The North Carolina Workers Compensation Act provides employees a remedy by ensuring that the employee receives medical treatment and payment for disability caused by a workplace accident. But did you know that the Workers Compensation Act can also provide benefits to the family of an employee who dies because of a workplace accident? The Act provides that where an employee dies because of a workplace accident, or while travelling for his or her employer, his or her family may be entitled to the workers compensation benefits the employee would have received if he or she had lived.

What are 'Compassionate Allowances'?

If you have a disabling condition, you already know that it can affect just about every aspect of your life. You can become more dependent on your loved ones; you might require ongoing care and regular hospital visits; you can be dealing with incredible amounts of stress, sadness and anxiety. Further, you may be struggling financially due to huge medical costs and an inability to work.

Most common injuries suffered in workplace accidents

No matter what type of job you have, there is the potential that you could be seriously injured at work. While there are numerous ways to safeguard yourself and other workers that may be industry-specific, the risk of getting hurt or worse exists whether you work in an office building, on the road or outside.

Medical Condition Guidelines

Social Security Administration has established some specific guidelines for many different medical conditions. If your physical or mental condition meets these guidelines (known as the Listing of Impairments) it greatly increases the likelihood that you will be granted benefits. Also, if your condition does not exactly meet the criteria established by SSA it may nevertheless be medically equivalent to the guidelines, a fact which much be established through specific medical evidence from your treating physicians.

NC parents beware: next 100 days 'deadly' for teen drivers

With Memorial Day behind us, kids all across North Carolina are more than ready to finish school and enjoy a much-needed summer break. For parents, however, this time of year isn't always as relaxing as it can be for our kids.

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